Founded by entrepreneur Tasha A. F. Lemley and husband, Mark Lemley, in 2013, Chai Wallah, LLC is Nashville's tea-based social enterprise.


Chai Wallah uses tea to bring a bit of India to the states, create income for women who have experienced homelessness, and connect people who aren't so different after all.

Tasha was also the founder of award-winning Nashville, Tennessee social enterprise The Contributor street newspaper. She was the winner of Whole Planet Foundation's Small Change for Big Change contest and discovered authentic chai during the trip award to Mumbai and Kerala, India.

She has experience as a homeless outreach worker and spent years photographing and interviewing people who live on the streets. Most recently, she's an audio producer and wants to continue sharing the stories she hears.

Most of all, she's passionate about community and diversity—the answers we have for each other and those we can find together. She finds that the more she gets outside of the familiar, the more she learns about herself.


Mark is a barista with more than a decade of experience in coffee sales and business management. He is a freelance writer with a graduate certificate in sustainability.

Fair Trade standards have worked their way into his heart over the last few years. He helps cultivate Chai Wallah as one of the best chai companies in the United States—in product quality and authenticity as well as business practices and sustainable community.




SPOTLIGHT: Chai Wallah Achaar

"We’ve been big fans of Chai Wallah for quite some time (if you couldn’t tell by the chai on our menu and our shelves) - but when they announced that they were producing a new product called Achaar, our love grew more than we knew possible…not unlike when the Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes in one day!"


The Contributor

Nashville's Chai Wallah helps formerly homeless women and refugees

"Following a fateful trip to India in 2012, newlyweds Tasha and Mark Lemley came home with a love for traditional Chai and an idea: to bring a piece of Indian culture to Nashville while pairing it with their desire to bring change to a local community."


The Honest Consumer

Chai Wallah

"Chai Wallah uses organic, fair trade ingredients and employs women from the homeless community to help produce and sell chai. The passionate people behind this product are inspiring."




Brittni Burns
Production Lead, Baker


Tasha A. F. Lemley
Founding Owner


Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay
Chai Cart Market Manager

Mark Lemley
Partner, Operations & Logistics

Anita Smith
Founding Wallah, Production & Sales