Chai Wallah is hiring a chai wallah!


Our new chai wallah (tea seller) will prepare, sell, and serve our hot and iced masala tea and snacks from our food cart.

कहाँ और कब


Nashville, Tennessee

Open Hours:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 8am-4pm plus setup and cleanup.


Starting at $10 per hour plus tips.


We need someone who:

  • Likes interacting with customers.

  • Can work really well solo, but also comfortably as a small team.

  • Has reliable transportation.

  • Has quick and consistent communication via text, phone and email.

  • Comes with basic money-handling and computer skills.

  • Understands and loves to stick to health codes and all safety practices.

We’d love to find someone with:

  • Interest in asian culture and cuisine.

  • Previous customer service experience.

  • This position may involve long hours standing and also working in a fully-covered outdoor location in various temperatures.

Please send resume and letter of interest to

Learn more about us and the loan that is funding this position at: