Chai Wallah is hiring a Production Assistant!


Our new production assistant will help prep, package, and clean during our entire chai production process in our commercial kitchen facility.

कहाँ और कब


Nashville, Tennessee


Saturday evenings, twice per month - 2pm-10pm.
Additional hours likely.


Starting at $12 per hour.


We need someone who:

  • Understands and loves to stick to health codes and all safety practices.

  • Can work comfortably as a small team and potentially pick up some extra solo hours.

  • Has reliable transportation.

  • Is responsible with other people’s work spaces and property.

  • Has quick and consistent communication via text, phone and email.

  • Can work standing for hours, is capable on short ladders, can perform some lifting, and is able to work safely around hot units and liquids.

Tasks include:

  • Container washing and sanitization.

  • Sweeping, mopping, and surface sanitization.

  • Vegetable and spice grinding, washing, slicing and preparation.

  • Packaging (hot) and labeling.

We’d love to find someone with:

  • Interest in asian culture and cuisine.

  • Previous commercial kitchen experience.

Please send resume and letter of interest to